Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy "Who Gives a Fat Rat's Clacker" Day

Today the kids made Baker Bob artwork and then we turned them into cards. It was an excuse to do something crafty. I put a note in the Herald Sun LOVE BOOK, but only cause it was free and I'm not the type of person to pass up something that is free

Baker Bob bought me some pale pink gerberas, I was surprised and happy but it was totally unexpected and I was extremely relieved he hadn't spent a bucket load on flowers... but I was happier still that it was "Cheap Ass Tuesday at Dominos" tonight and I was having a night off my diet.

I also made this ABSOLUTELY DIVINE dessert by Fat Mum Slim (originally by Nigella). It is scrumptious and the lovely tart raspberries make the rich chocolate pav sing.

So I'm now going to clean up, watch a movie and chill. I hope you spent "Who Gives a Fat Rat's Clacker" Day literally floating on air. How fun would that have been!

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