Friday, February 10, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge - Day 10

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Today's challenge: self portrait

Now, if I'm being completely honest I didn't take this pic today.
Today I've had a long day of double trouble speech therapy, bank glitches, temperatures and snots, and a lap full of projectile vomit. (Not to mention that when I was trying to get Mans to rinse his mouth out and spit the water in the bucket, he spat it in my face!)

So today is not a good day to be taking a self portrait. I have a dozen extra grey hairs showing and trolley cart of baggage packed for my dream trip to England... waiting under my eyes. (Either that or I have an idolised view of how I look normally and have been made to really question my eternal gorgeousness by the words "self portrait".)

 But I did take the picture so that's a bonus right?

It's Lincoln's eyes and a reflection of his Mummy. (With a camera in her face - obviously! Feel free to zoom in.)

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