Monday, February 27, 2012

Eva-saurus' Messy Dinosaur Luau

The morning of Eva's 2nd birthday party I slept in and was running a bit behind food prep wise when everyone arrived. But it didn't seem to phase anyone. Quite a few adults that I was expecting didn't come so there was plenty of food to go around. I actually forgot to put out the sticky pork ribs and mini hot dogs in the end.

We had planned to have face painting happening on arrival but after Aunty Bry painted mine and Aunty Hayley's faces Linc absolutely lost in a freaked out kids kind of way so we called it off and washed our faces off. Instead everyone was given a lei on arrival and went out to play on the swings, slide and trampoline.

The first activity was the Fossil Digging. The fossils were handmade rocks with little rubber dinosaurs inside. The kids dug through the sand to find them and then I tap them with a hammer and the rock broke away to show them a colourful dinosaur. These were a massive hit and I should have done more than one each.

Then we went over to paint our dinosaur plasters. The ones I ordered online didn't arrive in time due to postal issues. So Grandma went out Saturday and bought plaster and moulds and spent all Saturday afternoon mixing them up. The Kids loved these too and I am so glad a said on the invite to wear 'prehistoric' clothes because it got very messy!

After some more jumping, swinging and cupcake eating we all came inside to open Eva's presents and cool off in the air conditioning. (35°C is too hot to spend outside all day but better than thunderstorms).

We sang happy birthday before going back outside to get stuck into the Ice-cream sundae bar.

This just added to the messiness! They had rainbow ice-cream with the choice of 3 different flavoured toppings, marshmallows, broken up oreos, sprinkles, dinosaur sprinkles and banana bread pretzels. Their bowls also had their dinosaur name written on the side.

After ice-cream we splashed in some water and washed up before heading back inside to cool off and watch the dinosaur DVD.

I rinsed off their ice-cream bowls and popped them in their goodie bags, along with their dried plasters and their lolly bags and everyone headed home!

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