Monday, January 9, 2012

A Rained Out Robot Sausage Sizzle

In November I decided that the boys 3rd birthday should be a low-key event at the local Adventure park that they love so much.

Since its in the middle of summer I thought having the party time early in the day, rather than late, would be better as it would be cooler and so, thought a simple sausage sizzle and small amount of finger food would be enough for everyone for such an early party.

A Robot Sausage Sizzle it was. (Graphics from here)

I'd been checking the weather forecast for 10 days prior to their birthday and the closer and closer the date came the worse the weather forecast became until it was forecast that there would be thunderstorms the night before, but should have cleared by 9am.

We were at the park by 8am and as we reached the undercover shelter the skies opened up and let lose. As my hair dripped all over my face and the kids ran around jumping in the flash flooding of puddles pouring into the shelter, I raised the white flag. There was nothing for it but to call everyone, delay the party for a couple of hours and have it at home. Even if the rain cleared the playground would be wet and muddy, despite the towel I'd packed to dry the slides and swings.

 I raced home and I ran around doing dishes, throwing the toys in the toy room and vaccuming the floor before throwing up minimal decorations, the VIPs massive popup Cars tent and getting the food ready.


I did feel terrible though. I'd been telling the boys for weeks we were having a party at 'the big park' for their birthday and Mans in particular was quite upset about it. But as everyone started arriving and he finally believed me that he WAS still actually having a party, all was forgiven. All in all the day was still good and the boys ran around with all their mates, had free range on the party food, got very spoilt with presents and got to eat brightly coloured cupcakes.

I also managed to quickly print out a robot colouring in page to give them something to do!

A 3 year olds dream day really, minus the park.

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