Sunday, December 18, 2011

Treats of the Season

12 Days of Christmas Activities - Day 8 Roll something in coconut

Every year, at Christmas, we make these delicious truffles.

This year the VIPs were old enough to help by rolling the worked truffles in coconut. (According to Eva that means squish it into the table and then shove it in your mouth - Have we noticed a trend yet with this girl?)

Please be aware of a few things while viewing this pics...
1. They are blurry because they were taken with my hands covered in sticky truffle mix
2. Mans has not turned into the half naked chef, he is actually wearing jocks. (TT partial success, but I'll post about that another day!)
3. I had help - Aunty Bry and Aunty Hayley were "Ball monitors" lol

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