Friday, December 9, 2011

Multitasking Mummy + Free Stickers =

12 Days of Christmas Activities - Day 5 Christmas sticker craft.

The other day the boys and I were hanging out together. Eva was asleep and I was desperate for activity for them to do that was quiet, required little supervision from me but still something that we could do together.

When we went and visit Santa, the VIPs got given these nifty little colouring books and inside was a sheet of stickers consisting of a large Christmas tree, decorations, presents etc. "These are perfect," I thought. The boys sat at the kitchen table, while I studied and organised lists, and decorated their very own Christmas trees for a good 40mins.

See how each one shows off their very different personalities. I LOVE these pieces of artwork for that exact reason. Even though Linc ended up taking out his frustration and the imperfections by tearing the tree. It adds to the charm.

Now, you might not have a specifically designed sticker sheet sitting around but drawing a Christmas tree onto a piece of paper and providing your Little One with seasonal stickers (from any discount store) to decorate is the perfect, simple, indoor, low supervision, quiet activity for preschoolers!
You can;t go wrong.

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