Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saltdough Handprint Ornament Fail

12 Days of Christmas Actvities - Day 11 Make saltdough Christmas ornaments better than I can!

Today my charming friend Belinda and her 3 munchkins came for a catch up pre Christmas and I thought it woiuld be a great opportunity to make saltdough Christmas decorations.

I knew a basic saltdough recipe and put it into action, rolled out disc, wrestled 6 little hands onto the discs and popped them in the oven.

However, I forgot to prick the damn things! So, they blow up like balloons.
So, for anyone that wants to have some success with saltdough decorations like these...


Or you could try cutouts like this one...


Belinda dear, I suggest you redo them lol!

Instead of a pic of my dismal attempt at saltdough, here is a pic of Belinda's cheeky 9mth old.

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Anonymous said...

We still had lots of fun and tahnkyou for a lovely day xoxoxox