Friday, December 2, 2011

Kudos to The Wiggles

I was so exicted. The Wiggles are a favourite in this household and we were off to see them in 'the big top' at Flemington Racecourse.

I was super impressed with the quality of the event. The Wiggles really put a massive effort into their shows and you can tell they enjoy what they do, and appreciate the support. Never have I seen an entertainer put in so much effort into making sure each individual audience member feels a connection.

There were preshow things to do to keep the VIPs occupied and plenty of space allocated for them to just be able to run and play.

Linc loved it, as I knew he would. He's the BIG fan. Mans was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. The noise got to him, and the amount of people but he was getting into it at the end. Eva seemed a bit bemused by the whole affair but I busted her a couple of times twirling and and clapping her hands.

We went with our friend Noah and his mummy and daddy. I think they all had fun too. We bought the VIPs a balloon on the way out and while the balloons made it home, the VIPs flaked in the car.

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