Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Joy of Words

There's been an interesting development here of late. Mans' speech has taken off.
I recently put the boys on a waiting list for speech therapy. The MCHN and I were a little concerned, especially as they love to 'twin talk'. They would walk up to each other and gabble away, nodding in agreement or babbling back. Very cute but at the same time useless when they babble at me and expect me to be able to understand them - To the point where they would get frustrated with me because I couldn't. Even Eva had started to get involved in the 'twin talk'. To me, it's like being in a house full of people that speak a foreign language.

I've been making a conscious effort repeating words they try and say, encouraging them to tell me what they want rather than just pointing, describing everything I'm doing and adding descriptive words to expand the sentences they do say.
It seems to have help Mans. I'm hoping Linc won't be far behind. But I'm going to keep them on the waiting list and get them accessed just for piece of mind.

Generally he has become easier to understand and communicate with. But here are some of the conversations and catch phrases that have been causing a stir lately, just for posterity.

I say "Huh?" a lot. I didn't realise that it was a bad habit of mine until the VIPs started doing it. My response to it was "Don't huh me..."
Now whenever I or Linc says Huh to Mans he says "Don't huh me..."

Me: "Mans, should mummy have a shower?"
Mans: "Yes, I have a shower."
Me: "You don't need a shower, you're not dirty"
Mans: "Oh.... I get dirty!"

Me: "Go and get your pillow and monster, please."
Mans: "What about blanket?"
Me: "No, no blanket. Just your pillow and monster."
Mans: "How about....... one blanket?"
Me: "No, no blanket."
Mans: "OK."

Baker Bob: "This is my house!"
Mans: "No, this is my house!"

"Mummy, what are you doing?!" - repeated continually through the day, usually when I'm so busy that trying to articulate what I am doing takes too much of my brain power.

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