Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mummies Don't Have Fun

Our quiet little cul de sac has recently been totally disrupted by the sounds of metal on metal, the reversing beeps of trucks and the general constant sounds of a construction zone.

And I'm a wee bit excited by it!

You see at the end of our cul de sac, just 4 houses down is an empty block that had a path that leads out to one of the local side streets. Everyday at 3:30pm the local primary school kids would wonder through the cul de sac and use the empty block as a cut through. Then, about 3 weeks ago, a truck reversed down the cul de sac and put up temporary fencing. Of course I was concerned for the poor primary school kids that now had to walk the long way around, but my interest was well and truly piqued.

A week ago I went out to get the mail and as had become my habit, I looked down at the empty block but it wasn't empty anymore!

There, in all it's primary colour glory, was a slide.

I couldn't believe it, they were putting in play equipment just 4 houses down the street.
"It's so close I could just leave the kids there and come home," I shouted at Baker Bob down the phone with excitement.

I smiled all day imagining what fun we'd all have there. It was only as I was getting ready for bed that night that I realised how depressing it was that I was so excited by play equipment.

The slide was nowhere near big enough for me!

(Just for the record I would not leave my toddlers unattended there. Not unless I tied them to something sturdy first. Wouldn't want them causing traffic chaos!)

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