Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Annabel Challenge - Welsh Rarebit (Special grilled cheese)

All 3 kidlets were napping and Baker Bob mentioned he was hungry.
So, armed with my Annabel cookbook I had a flick through to find something we could have for afternoon tea. It needed to be minimal fuss with maximum taste.
Annabel's Welsh 'Rabbit' recipe caught by eye. Who doesn't love grilled cheese on toast - only better.

Baker Bob offered to grate the cheese if I mixed up the other ingredients

It was yummy and went down really well, even if we didn't turn them into rabbits. Think this definitely one I'll have to try on the kidlets. They love cheese but they're not usually keen on grilled cheese. Maybe if I cookie cutter the slices or turn it into a rabbit they'll be more inclined to give it a try!

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