Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Obsession

I have a new obsession.
Hairclips for Eva.
Hi my name is Miss Nemo and I'm a hair-clip-aholic.

I'm not much into going over the top with girly girl stuff for her.
She doesn't have her ears pierced, and won't until she's of an age were she wants them done and can understand that it's going to hurt.
She does have a bracelet that a friend bought her when she was born, but it mostly sits in her jewellery box and she quite often hangs out at home in her brothers' hand me downs.

But hair accessories have always been my weakness.
It started out with headbands. They seemed to suit the shape of her face and while she was little they didn't bother her. Then the front of her hair grew some wispy length and I discovered tiny 3cm hair clips.

At one of her many appointments are the Royal Children's Hospital I came across a charity stand with hair clips. The little ones were light weight and stayed in her hair. So I bought 3 for $10 and asked when they'd be back at the hospital.
'Not until June'
OK I could wait that long for more. She has her hip review in June. Some of the money goes to charity, I can justify it.

But then she lost my favourite one while we were out shopping. Gone forever. (You may have noticed it in many a picture.) No matter how much I looked we couldn't find it. I went through the many stages of grief - sadness, anger, guilt, acceptance.

Then while browsing the internet for gorgeous homemade yumminess, as I often do, I came across MoniMeek*Designs.
I fell in love.
I ordered 7 clips and it only cost me about $20. I waited with baited breath for them to arrive.

They arrived yesterday, while Eva was napping and all I wanted to do was run in and test them in her hair.
So as soon as she woke up, that's exactly what I did, (so please excuse the pajamas).

And here's a close up of what might be my favourite... an owl. Which of course is one of my other obsessions!

Thank-you MoniMeek*Designs for helping me move on.

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