Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Christmas

This photo is of Eva on Christmas morning, before I made the decision that she wasn't just over tired from a bad nights sleep, but she was in fact seriously ill. This was as responsive as she got for the whole morning.

She got 100x worse than this before she got better. But every time I look at this picture it brings tears to my eyes. My little girl is basically laying there dying. Her life slowly being sapped away by the vicious bacteria killing her brain. In hindsight you can see there is something seriously wrong. There's a 'vacantness' in her eyes, like she's not really there and her skin has a pallor of impending doom.

She brings me such delight everyday that it's hard to believe such a tragedy almost occurred. So far she has been given the all clear from the pedatric neurologist. He'll be seeing her every year until she's 5 as there could still be issues with her cognitive development but there are no warning signs so far. She's still showing some issues with her hearing. Just whisper levels, nothing that's going to effect her speech and language development. She'll have a follow up for that later in the year. It also looks like the medication she took has stained her teeth but it should only effect her baby teeth so nothing long term. We're off to the dentist soon.

All and all she's doing great. She's even walking as her first choice of carry now. But it still makes me sick to the pit of my stomach every time I look through the photos taken of her first christmas morning.

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