Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 6 - Tuesday 15th - Tackling the Hills

Today we spent mostly at Poppy's place. I'm coming down with something so not feeling great.
We also had a visit from Baker Bob's Aunty and she lavished the tribe with attention.

We took the kids for a walk around to the corner shop too, just to get them out of the house. (About a 20 minute walk). The boys walked and Eva was in the umbrella stroller which Linc insisted on 'helping' push. Mans flaked about 5mins in and insisted Baker Bob carry him. And of course he gave in.

So Baker Bob spent the whole walk there and back negotiating pick up and walking points for Mans.
"When we get to the bridge then I'll pick you up".
He has walked further before but he has his father wrapped around his little finger. Although it was hotter than I thought and by the time we had tackled all the hills, not once but twice we were all glad to see Poppy's front yard come into view. Plus we had a chocolate treat to help smooth things over.

Obviously this is not what they wore to the shops. They got stripped because they were hot. And chocolate stains.

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