Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 3 - Saturday 12th - Uncle Dave and Aunty Suez Gets Married

Uncle Dave is one of Baker Bob's closest friends and on the 12th of March he got married to his perfect match, Suez. Baker Bob was the best man, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. I was devastated by this and quite a few times over the day, I had a bit of a cry over it.

I stayed at Baker Bob's family home to watch the kidlets as I couldn't expect Poppy to run around after the 3 of them by himself. As well as drive the bride to the wedding, get the kids lunch, put them down for naps, feed them dinner and put them to bed of a night, plus drive me back and forward for breastfeeds. There's only so much a Poppy can do.

Baker Bob caught the garter (which I think was a bit of a set up lol) but he refuses to believe it. Apparently it was his marking skills. "It was all in the timing and the ability to leap like Liam Jurrah."

Here's a picture of the beautiful couple. Doesn't the bride look gorgeous!

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