Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Missing the countdowns and a little brain

My poor, poor neglected blog.
How I miss thee!

No matter how hard I try I have just not been able to find the time or energy to write. Hence I find myself with pregnancy insomnia at 4 in the morning and thought, "Perfect, let's blog."

This pregnancy is flying past fast! I'll be 30 weeks on Monday!
It's had its ups and downs, and I feel a lot more stretched phyiscally being pregnant and having to chase around 2 tiny tots, but it's also helped to make the time fly faster.

Just for the fun of it my "morning sickness" has made a reappearance smack bang on the start of the 3rd trimester. I had a CTG today as I'd had decreased movement and found out I'm contracting, so I can now tell the difference between cramps and contractions.

And for the the sake of being completely honest, here's a belly pic.

This pregnancy : Twin pregnancy
(By the way, what happens to my butt during pregnancy?!)

I'm carry this baby really high. Most of the rest is flab and leftover from the twin pregnancy.
I have decided to try for a VBAC and see how I go. I'm trying not to put too much importance on it though and just go with the flow, as I know from past experience I can't always control what happens. i have also suffered through some pretty bad "pregnancy brain" this time which makes things slightly more interesting.

As you are probably aware, Christmas is only a couple of days way. I love Christmas and was really planning on updating this thing more often in the lead up to the silly season but it didn't happen. So, here's a quick run down in photos.

"You don't need a nice photo Mum!"

Chillin' with the morning "Bot Bot"


Hangin' with the Daddy.

Spot the baby

Decorating the tree.

Their vocabulary has exploded with new words. Both say Ta, though Mans is a little less liberal with it and Linc assumes if he says it he can have whatever he wants. There's also "All gone" which gets grunted at me after Mans has thrown something over the side of his highchair because he doesn't want to eat it anymore. Linc is starting to use Dadada and Mumumu appropriately.

Linc is basically walking. He is all gungho about it and really more runs in the hopes he'll get there before he falls. Mans is more cautious and is taking his time to make sure he has his balance right. Both have mouthfuls of teeth, blow kisses / make indian noises, wave and give hugs on request.

I've been stressing (quite unnecessarily) about what to do for the boys' first birthday. I'm planning on throwing them a party at the end of January and I can't decide whether to risk 30 odd people coming down with heat stroke in my unairconditioned house, or forego all my decorating themed plans and have it at an airconditioned kids play centre.
For some reason I am treatng this like the most important decision I've made for them so far and really at the end of the day it's more about me than them, as they're not going to remember it. Another factor to consider is the work load as I'll be 35 weeks pregnant. What to do?

Hopefully it won't be so long between posts again, especially since Baker Bob is on holidays until the 4th. It's true that, when you have twins, having one to look after feels like a holiday.

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