Thursday, November 5, 2009

Avon calling

I used to sell Avon. I was an Avon Lady.
But I stopped selling it when working two jobs started to take their toll on me and I just couldn;t find the time to sell the stuff. Evn though I was only selling to family and friends.
I've been thinking about taking it back up now that I'm a slave stay at home mum. I like Avon better than other beauty product sales inititive as
1. No party plan
2. No huge initial outlay
3. Products are reasonably priced
4. I like a lot of the products

So, what do you think?

And as usual a few pics...

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Mrs M@sk said...

Why not? I did Nutrimetics "Avon" style through brochures only. I wasn't keen on Avon as the products are so cheap you could sell truckloads and only get tiny commission. I hated paying for the brochures and chasing people for money, lol. It really works for some people though and you obviously have your own past experience to base it on :)