Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mundane growth post

The boys are growing in leaps and bounds.
Mans is 9.5kgs and tall for his age. Linc is 8.7kgs and average height.
Linc has progressed to standing and walking along the furniture and, due to a few nasty bumps, has worked out the best way to fall is on his bum.
Mans kneels but is usually not confident enough to put his feet under him. I don't think he has the best balance yet.

They also each have their two front bottom teeth so their little smiles have changed. *tear* They still look adorable though.

Our adventures outside have been minimal the last couple of weeks as Melbourne's weather has taken a nose dive. So I've been trying to come up with fun indoor activites for two 9 month olds which isn't easy. Especially since most activities end up with them in the bath. Even eating! I've got an idea for a project for them for Baker Bob for Christmas, but I can't tell you about it yet because he occassionally reads this thing.

Having tried just about everything else I can think of, I started controlled crying last week. It was difficult for the first night but the boys picked it up pretty quickly. (Thank goodness). It's been especially good for Linc who has become a lot more independent and happier when he's awake as well.
I've copped a lot advice and flack from my decision but it seems to be working.
They usually don't even get sad when I first put them down anymore. Only mad.

Mans also started clapping a few weeks ago and I think he's offically said his first word. The Dadada, Mamama, Bababa sounds I don't count but now when he claps he'll pipe up with "Yay!"
It's clear as day and he only says it if I'm clapping or he is.
Linc's a bit more reluctant to do any action on command but that's just his personality. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing.

As far as this pregnancy goes I've had blood pressure and iron issues already which has caused a lot of anxiety. We have an ultrasound on Monday and I'm still not sure if we're going to find out the sex. So pop back on Monday to see the outcome.
The very rare occassion they are in matching outfits.
Which reminds me of a funny story.
We were at the plaza one day and a little girl was standing in a trolley with her mummy.
"Look mummy, a baby. Ohhh two babies"
"Yep, they are twins."
"But they aren't wearing the same clothes"
I thought it very cute.
Linc standing
The mess after Baker Bob's vegetable pasta bake and half a banana.
Giggles at the front door and I just noticed how filthy that kick board is.
Going to clean it now!


Annette said...

What a tease! Check back on Monday! Pfft! I will be wondering now - in suspense!

The boys are adorable! They sound like they are doing really well.

Danimezza said...

lol kids say the darnedest things
They really have grown so much :)