Friday, October 16, 2009

False Alarm

OK, so after going to the ultrasound on Monday, the guy told me he'd be unable to complete the scan today. He said the baby was too small and he couldn't see the heart properly.

Needless to say Monday night I barely slept and went off to the hospital Tuesday. Thankfully the OB gave me a quick scan and the baby was measuring fine. All that worrying for nothing. Also discovered that I have an anterior placenta so is cushioning all the kicks. Hence the lack of obvious movement. So after all that we ended up finding out the sex. But there are a few family and friends that don't want to know so I'm not going to announce it here. If things change, I'll announce it publically. I don't mean to string you along, honest!

Most of my readers have other ways of contacting me so if you want to know the gender let me know. I also have another morphology scan book for the 27th so hopefully I'll get some pics of this baby.

Being pregnant with one is very weird. I felt with the boys like I was constantly being poked or probed, but this time I'm just another face in the crowd.

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