Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonjela Breath

I got the fright of my life the other day when a friend told me she had seen an A Current Affair program advising everyone that Bonjela causes brain damage.

For the past few weeks both the boys have been teething really badly. I have seen little white dots start to emerge from their gums, only for them to disappear by the next day. It's gotten to the point were poor Mans has an itchy rash on this forehead and a dribble rash down his chin and mild mannered Linc has become so cranky, I sometimes wonder if he has become possessed.

So I started using Bonjela a)Because someone had given me some, b)Because it seemed to work even just a little bit and c)Because I didn't want to get them addicted to panadol!

Needless to say I went a did my own research and found that Bonjela Teething Gel is fine for babies, Normal Bonjela and Bonjela Cool Mint Gel contains aspirin which can cause brain damage in babies. But I am still searching the chemist for a natural alternative. A friend suggested amber necklaces but I haven;t found any in chemist and haven;t found very much research about them.

Anyone want to suggest some teething remedies? I've tried cold wet cloths, Bonjela, rubbing baby panadol on their gums, cold teehing rings and cold dummies... any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Rum? lol
Sorry, not much help in this department. I was going to say cold teethers too.

Anonymous said...

Hylands homeopathic herbal teething tablets. Sold at few chemists. !!!!!!!!!1